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Please, not another turning point in Afghanistan

No, no, no. Not again. CNN’s headline says, “Capture may be turning point in Afghan war”. Does this sound familiar? Here’s the lead paragraph of a June 2006 Washington Post story on the killing of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, leader of … Continue reading

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They shoot generals, don't they?

The French Revolution had a brilliant idea for motivating their generals. A commander of the revolutionary armies who lost a battle was judged a traitor, or at least someone who lacked the proper zeal for the New Order. So for … Continue reading

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A striptease for returning vets

A  sad New York Times article about Army wives learning the art of striptease so they can perform a bit of slink when their husbands return home from the war. It’s sad because these women know that they are going … Continue reading

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34,000 drops in the Afghan bucket

I don’t have a telepathic telescope into Obama’s mind,. If I did, the Secret Service would arrest me. But I would give two weeks of scarce Oregon winter sunshine to find out what he really expects to gain by sending … Continue reading

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Paths of Glory

Remember Stanley Kubrick’s classic anti-war movie, “Paths of Glory?”  It’s a searing First World War tale of cynical, glory-hungry French generals ordering their troops into suicidal attacks on German machine guns – and then court-martialing them for cowardice when they … Continue reading

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