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Avatar: the feel-good movie for white people

Rejoice, white people! You never wiped out the Native Americans, enslaved the Africans or polluted the environment. Because you hit the reset button. You journeyed to some far-off planet whose inhabitants just happen to look like Native Americans with yellow … Continue reading

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Taliban home video of attack on U.S. soldiers

[youtubevid id=”_2e6w8makEg”]ABC News has shown video that the Taliban shot when they attacked an outpost at Wanat and killed nine American soldiers in July 2008. I’m less than a tactical genius;  you wouldn’t want to trust me with a platoon … Continue reading

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Counterinsurgency doesn't compute

When I was in graduate school studying political science, I encountered a lot of quantitative theory, especially in peace research. That basically meant a bunch of professors coming up with mathematical models for predicting when wars would occur. Problem was, … Continue reading

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Why are their Afghans better than our Afghans?

A common lament during the Vietnam War was , “Why are their Vietnamese better than our Vietnamese?” American soldiers had more respect for the skilled, disciplined and motivated Viet Cong than they did for their lazy, corrupt South Vietnamese allies. … Continue reading

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The last of the "Best and the Brightest"

The Vietnam War is the kind of history that makes you want to plunge your hands into the pages of a history book, grab a Johnson or a McNamara by the throat, and shout “WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING … Continue reading

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