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Russian Marines take on Somali Pirates

[youtubevid id=”2lXNbXR8qAc”]Somali pirates hijack a Russian oil tanker. Russian marines storm tanker and capture pirates (see video). Pirates are supposedly released on to a boat that sets out on a course for Somalia. But that was 10 days ago, and … Continue reading

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How to start a nuclear war in one hour

Napoleon told his generals that he could grant them anything except more time. Time is everything, in terrorism as well as war. The constant message of shows like “24” is that there always a ticking bomb, a ticking clock and … Continue reading

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People of Iran, I'm sorry

Dear people of Iran, I apologize. I have been a coward.  A week ago, I wanted the U.S. to stay out of your revolution. I told myself that it was for your own good. But I was deceiving myself, and … Continue reading

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Enough nukes to make the rubble bounce

Presidents Obama and Medvedev have agreed to slash both the U.S. and Russian nuclear arsenals by about two-thirds. Even with stockpiles cut to 1,500 warheads on each side, that’s still leaves more than enough nuclear firepower to – in Churchill’s … Continue reading

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