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Congressman fears Marines will capsize Guam

I usually don’t post stupid videos, but this one is priceless. Georgia Congressman Hank Johnson is afraid that stationing too many Marines on Guam will cause the island to tip over. [youtubevid id=”zNZczIgVXjg”] Johnson was questioning Pacific Fleet commander Admrial … Continue reading

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Calm down, Democrats: Who cares about N.J. and Va.?

The election results are in and the handwringing has begun. “Yes  we can” had become “maybe we can’t” as Democrats ponder the loss of the New Jersey and Virginia governorships. So permit me an observation. Nothing profound. Just the thoughts … Continue reading

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Cheap Journalism in Jerusalem

White college kids calling Obama a “nigger”. That’s the highlight of a controversial video buzzing around the blogosphere. The controversy isn’t over what the kids said, but where they said it. The video wasn’t shot in West Virginia, but in … Continue reading

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