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Anne Frank: Israeli spy

Will there be a Lebanese Pullitzer prize for the crackerjack investigative reporters at Hezbollah’s Al-Manar television network? Al Manar’s ace newshounds have uncovered a nefarious Zionist plot to use Anne Frank to brainwash Lebanese schoolchildren. In this clip, you can … Continue reading

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Blame it all on Israel

Today’s NYT op-ed on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is one of those pieces that manages to be profound and say nothing at the same time. In an essay titled “The Two-State Solution Doesn’t Solve Anything”….stop right there. The two-state solution isn’t … Continue reading

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A military dictatorship in Iran?

What if  two-thirds of President Obama’s cabinet came from the same white militia movement in Idaho? That seems to be the situation in Iran. Yesterday I wrote that Iran’s rulers were in no danger as long as the military and … Continue reading

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Why Iran's mullahs are here to stay

Funny thing about revolutionaries. Once they seize power, they make damn sure that no else will. Lenin, Castro, Ho Chi Minh. Once they were secure, they promptly liquidated out their opposition. It takes a killer to stop a killer, and … Continue reading

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Cheap Journalism in Jerusalem

White college kids calling Obama a “nigger”. That’s the highlight of a controversial video buzzing around the blogosphere. The controversy isn’t over what the kids said, but where they said it. The video wasn’t shot in West Virginia, but in … Continue reading

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Death to hate shirts!

It all began when my wife spotted the “Fuck Israel” tee-shirt on Cafepress.com. “If I see someone in one of these, I’m liable to lose it,” she said. She was mad. I was bewildered. Why would someone want their baby … Continue reading

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Farrakhan denies Holocaust again

He can’t help himself.  It’s compulsive with him. But Louis Farrakhan complains that there can’t be “constructive argument” over how many victims died in the Holocaust. You can guess the rest of his March 1st speech in Chicago. Israel controls … Continue reading

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