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Gaza music video: "We conned the world"

[youtubevid id=”2KUcv452KbU”]An Israeli music video about the knife-wielding “peace activists” on the Gaza convoy. Okay, some of the singers aren’t great, and the guy with the Love Boat hat is painful to watch. But the line about the pro-Hamas propaganda … Continue reading

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Real peace activists don't carry knives

Real peace activists don’t carry knives. Real humanitarians don’t beat soldiers with metal bars. The Islamists on the Gaza convoy that attacked the Israeli boarding party were not peace activists. They were martyrs-in-waiting. Instead of strapping on a suicide vest … Continue reading

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British court indicts Obama for war crimes

A British judge has issued an arrest warrant for President Obama for war crimes, including air strikes that killed innocent Afghan civilians…. No, this is a lie. There is no arrest warrant for Obama. But there could be soon enough. … Continue reading

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A message from Iran's secret police

From: Iranian Ministry of Intelligence and Security To: President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Subject: Torture of American prisoners Your Excellency, We are pleased to inform you that should the Americans be foolish enough to attack, our security forces will be permitted to … Continue reading

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