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Rejoice antibodies! Play the swine flu board game!

Pandemic, from New York game publisher Z-Man games, proves that you can make a game out of anything, including viruses that threaten to wipe out the human race. Players are thrust into the role of disease-fighters racing to stamp out … Continue reading

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Nazi murderers and the Fort Hood killer

Just finished Christopher Browning’s “Ordinary Men”, the classic study of a Nazi police battalion that murdered some 83,ooo Jews in 1941-43. Browning found that most of the German policemen , who shot infants in the head at point-blank range, were … Continue reading

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75% of American kids too fat to join the Army?

Well, the actual figure is 27 percent of Americans are too overweight to join the military, but that’s just a detail. Whether the reason is too much fat, too little education, or a criminal record, 75 percent of American kids … Continue reading

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"Give 'em hell Harry" on health care reform

Harry Truman is my favorite President. Some people read the Bible for inspiration. I read “Plain Speakng”, and Truman’s words speak to me. I never realized until recently just how much Truman cared about health care for the average American. … Continue reading

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Health care: Do liberals enjoy getting their butts kicked?

Does liberalism equal masochism? Does being liberal mean you like getting beaten up in the political schoolyard? Democrats outnumber Republicans in America, yet in the last 41 years, Democrats have occupied the White House for only 13. The Democrats have … Continue reading

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Swine Flu a Bioterror Attack?

Disclaimer: I am not, repeat not,  stating that the swine flu epidemic is terrorism. When I see stuff like that on a site named Conspiracy Planet, I know it’s time to take a deep breath. But if –  hypothetically speaking … Continue reading

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