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Health care passed because progressives shut up

I knew something had been missing from the health care screaming match the last few weeks. Then I realized what it was, kind of like the roar your neighbor’s annoying lawnmower on a Sunday afternoon, that you stop hearing until … Continue reading

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Stalin, Nixon bode well for Obamacare

Democrats can’t win for losing. With Congress likely to pass health care reform, now Democratic lawmakers worry that legislative victory will be a Pyrrhic victory that will cost them dearly in November. Washington Post analysts are already warning that Democrats … Continue reading

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Progressives: All bark, no bite

Here is Peck’s Rule of Making Threats: Don’t make them. Either do what you’re going to do, assuming you’re able to do it. Or, shut up. There are a lot of threats coming from progressives lately. Obama and the Democratic … Continue reading

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"Give 'em hell Harry" on health care reform

Harry Truman is my favorite President. Some people read the Bible for inspiration. I read “Plain Speakng”, and Truman’s words speak to me. I never realized until recently just how much Truman cared about health care for the average American. … Continue reading

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Health care: Do liberals enjoy getting their butts kicked?

Does liberalism equal masochism? Does being liberal mean you like getting beaten up in the political schoolyard? Democrats outnumber Republicans in America, yet in the last 41 years, Democrats have occupied the White House for only 13. The Democrats have … Continue reading

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