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Gaza music video: "We conned the world"

[youtubevid id=”2KUcv452KbU”]An Israeli music video about the knife-wielding “peace activists” on the Gaza convoy. Okay, some of the singers aren’t great, and the guy with the Love Boat hat is painful to watch. But the line about the pro-Hamas propaganda … Continue reading

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Real peace activists don't carry knives

Real peace activists don’t carry knives. Real humanitarians don’t beat soldiers with metal bars. The Islamists on the Gaza convoy that attacked the Israeli boarding party were not peace activists. They were martyrs-in-waiting. Instead of strapping on a suicide vest … Continue reading

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No more assassinations in the Age of Surveillance?

The killers of Mahmoud al-Mabhou weren’t very bright. There were at least 11 assassins of the top Hamas commander; 10 men and one woman. We know that because their faces have been plastered across the Internet, courtesy of closed-circuit TV … Continue reading

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Cat sends Israeli soldier to jail

Israeli soldier cooks meal for himself. Cat eats meal. Soldier cooks another meal, except it’s the Jewish Sabbath and Israeli Defense Force regulations prohibit cooking on the Sabbath. Soldier spends 20 days in jail. Read the story here. I don’t … Continue reading

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Death to hate shirts!

It all began when my wife spotted the “Fuck Israel” tee-shirt on Cafepress.com. “If I see someone in one of these, I’m liable to lose it,” she said. She was mad. I was bewildered. Why would someone want their baby … Continue reading

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Passover blood libel returns

Jews drink the blood of Muslims. That’s the message in this Hamas TV show, which was aired five days before Passover. A father instructs his son (they both look more like hobos than the Orthodox Jews they’re suppose to represent) … Continue reading

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