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Stalin, Nixon bode well for Obamacare

Democrats can’t win for losing. With Congress likely to pass health care reform, now Democratic lawmakers worry that legislative victory will be a Pyrrhic victory that will cost them dearly in November. Washington Post analysts are already warning that Democrats … Continue reading

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Calm down, Democrats: Who cares about N.J. and Va.?

The election results are in and the handwringing has begun. “Yes  we can” had become “maybe we can’t” as Democrats ponder the loss of the New Jersey and Virginia governorships. So permit me an observation. Nothing profound. Just the thoughts … Continue reading

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Progressives: All bark, no bite

Here is Peck’s Rule of Making Threats: Don’t make them. Either do what you’re going to do, assuming you’re able to do it. Or, shut up. There are a lot of threats coming from progressives lately. Obama and the Democratic … Continue reading

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