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Taliban rear-ended by Toyota recall

Why is America spending billions on high-tech missiles, when all it needs to wipe out the Taliban is a defective brake pedal? Toyota pickups are the favorite vehicle of the Taliban. Bigshots like Bin Laden – at least when he … Continue reading

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The Wall that fell and saved the world

It feels like a different era, doesn’t it? The graffiti spray-painted on the ugly concrete, the cheering crowds, the young people lithely scaling the hated stonework as they tore it down. It was 20 years ago when the Berlin Wall … Continue reading

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Thank you, Zhidan Qui!

I’m flattered. I really am. Uncommon Defense has just got its first spam , and I am tickled pink. Someone actually registered on Trueslant just to sell Chinese knockoffs of Jimmy Choo handbags. The spam came from a site called … Continue reading

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What should we do in Iran?

Some people have practically accused me of being a neo-con imperialist because I advocate U.S. support for the Iranian protesters. Let me be clear. Sending in the Marines would be stupid. But so is  ‘tough shit, let the protest movement … Continue reading

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Africa finds no savior in China

Well, well, well. It seemed like a perfect partnership of the crooked. On the one hand, corrupt African dictatorships tired of the West hassling them about human rights and environmentalism. On the other, a Chinese dictatorship that just wants to … Continue reading

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