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War is great for gays

The Iraq and Afghan wars may be the best news for the gay community in years. Not that gays like war any more than straights. But the times are a-changin’ when the nation’s top military leaders endorse the repeal of … Continue reading

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Health care: Do liberals enjoy getting their butts kicked?

Does liberalism equal masochism? Does being liberal mean you like getting beaten up in the political schoolyard? Democrats outnumber Republicans in America, yet in the last 41 years, Democrats have occupied the White House for only 13. The Democrats have … Continue reading

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Why We're Grateful for Obama's 100 Days

Some Americans believe that Obama is doing too much. Others shout that he’s doing too little. I think Obama is doing his job. No more. No less. I will credit him, but I won’t praise him. A president should not … Continue reading

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