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South Korea: Paper Tiger

Mao Tse-Tung used to accuse America of being a paper tiger, all bark and no bite. That’s also why the looney tunes in North Korea aren’t shaking at South Korea’s vow of retaliation over Pyongyang’s artillery barrage on a South … Continue reading

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District 9: Aliens versus mercenaries

My tongue-in-cheek combat analysis of District 9 for Wired’s Danger Room. I thought the movie was a pretty good combination of “Alien Nation” and “Cry the Beloved Country” without becoming too preachy. As a sci-fi action movie, it had the … Continue reading

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The Rabbi and Michael Jackson

There is a classic Star Trek episode where a transporter accident splits Captain Kirk into a good Kirk and an evil Kirk. The moral of the story is that the evil Kirk is bad, but the good Kirk is no … Continue reading

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Death to hate shirts!

It all began when my wife spotted the “Fuck Israel” tee-shirt on “If I see someone in one of these, I’m liable to lose it,” she said. She was mad. I was bewildered. Why would someone want their baby … Continue reading

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Fawlty Towers reunion

If only it was a new episode! Alas, it’s just a cast reunion on British TV. John Cleese did have an idea for a Fawlty Towers movie that never got off the ground. What I thought would be really funny … Continue reading

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Portrait of a Holocaust Denier

The pathology of Holocaust deniers is fascinating. Think of the mental gymnastics required to deny the extermination of more than six million people. This woman is part of the new breed of deniers. Not fat, beer-swilling Nazis raising their arms … Continue reading

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Wife-Beating 101

Is there a right way and a wrong way for a Muslim to beat his wife? For those pious souls eager to learn the correct way to commit domestic violence, an Egyptian cleric offers helpful tips. A transcript of the … Continue reading

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