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Cheap Journalism in Jerusalem

White college kids calling Obama a “nigger”. That’s the highlight of a controversial video buzzing around the blogosphere. The controversy isn’t over what the kids said, but where they said it. The video wasn’t shot in West Virginia, but in … Continue reading

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Muslim virgins can't play sports

Can a Muslim woman play sports? Not if she’s a virgin, say clerics in Saudi Arabia. “Religious law does not prohibit [all] women from engaging in sports, but only virgins… Some ‘ulama and religious authorities hold that a girl who … Continue reading

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Death to hate shirts!

It all began when my wife spotted the “Fuck Israel” tee-shirt on “If I see someone in one of these, I’m liable to lose it,” she said. She was mad. I was bewildered. Why would someone want their baby … Continue reading

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Would you take the money and run?

This New Zealand couple did not hesitate. When a bank mistakenly deposited NZ$10 million into their account, they grabbed $NZ3 million and fled the country. Now they have Interpol on their trail. In their shoes, would you take the money … Continue reading

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Government runs nation's only legal pot garden

I knew too many guys in high school who would have loved a job at this place. The U.S. government runs the nation’s only legalized pot farm and production (!) facility at the Univ. of Mississippi. Since 1968, the National … Continue reading

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Trekkies are Insane!

I’ve always been a big Star Trek fan. But I never understood what “get a life” meant until I saw the hate mail from my look at warfare in the new Star Trek movie. I’ll share some of the more … Continue reading

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Captain Kirk Goes to War

Help! The Trekkies have put out a fatwa on me!  Yesterday I posted a tongue-in-cheek analysis of weapons and tactics of the new Star Trek movie on Wired’s Danger Room. Now I’m afraid to go outside.  I’ll get jumped by … Continue reading

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