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Swedish cartoonist headbutted by Muslim extremists

What an ugly scene. Cartoonist Lars Vilks, who has drawn the Prophet Muhammed¬† as a dog, spoke at Sweden’s Uppsala University. Here’s the video of Vilks being assaulted by Muslim protesters screaming “Allahu Akbar (God is great)!” [youtubevid id=”4oLvwMxwHFs”] Uppsala … Continue reading

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Why terrorist bomb-makers are like journalists

What happened to Al Qaeda? ¬†a Trueslant colleague asked me. First it was the Underpants Bomber setting his genitals on fire, and now the Times Square bomber who displayed explosives skills worthy of Moe, Larry and Curly (if the Three … Continue reading

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Did South Park surrender to Muslim death threats?

So the Prophet Muhammed didn’t appear in a bear suit after all? I didn’t catch last night’s South Park episode, but apparently the word “Prophet Muhammed” were bleeped out, and instead of Muhammed in a bear suit, viewers saw Santa … Continue reading

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When did it become legal to assassinate Americans?

For the first time, a U.S. citizen is being targeted for assassination as a terrorist. The Washington Post reports that Anwar al-Awlaqi, the New Mexico-born cleric living in Yemen, has been placed on a target list that makes him fair … Continue reading

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Was suicide pilot a right-wing activist?

A small aircraft has crashed into an IRS office in Austin, and authorities say it was deliberate. The pilot, identified as 53-year-old Joseph Andrew Stack, left a rambling letter on the Web that definitely looks like a suicide note. Stack … Continue reading

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Fort Hood hero: White woman or Black man?

With blazing gun and selfless courage, the 5-foot-4, 120-pound female police officer stopped Nidal Malik Hasan’s rampage at Fort Hood. Sergeant Kimberly Denise Munley, mother of two and SWAT team marksman, leaped from her squad her and gunned down Hasan … Continue reading

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Farrakhan says Fort Hood shooter was provoked

Blame it on the Jews, George Bush, and all the other persecutors of innocent American Muslims. They’re the ones who provoked poor Nidal Malik Hassan into murdering 13 people at Fort Hood, says Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan. In … Continue reading

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