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Build your own railroad empire

Railroads are coming back. The Iron Horse may seem so 19th Century, yet between tighter energy supplies and a crumbling and congested highway system, rail is looking better. Obama may or may not have the political – or financial – … Continue reading

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National 'Everybody Draw Mohammed' Day

A Seattle cartoonist  has declared May 20th as Everybody Draw Mohammed Day. Cartoonist Molly Norris is asking everyone to submit to Islam…I mean submit cartoons of any religious figure at all  to Citizens Against Citizens Against Humor (CACAH). Ms. Norris … Continue reading

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Did South Park surrender to Muslim death threats?

So the Prophet Muhammed didn’t appear in a bear suit after all? I didn’t catch last night’s South Park episode, but apparently the word “Prophet Muhammed” were bleeped out, and instead of Muhammed in a bear suit, viewers saw Santa … Continue reading

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Why is there no Jewish Tolkien?

Do Jews write science-fiction, while Christians write fantasy?  Why are Jews so well-represented in science-fiction (Asimov, Ellison, Brin, Turtledove), but not in fantasy, where the luminaries include Christians such as Tolkien, Rowling and C.S. Lewis? In a fascinating essay in … Continue reading

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Avatar: the feel-good movie for white people

Rejoice, white people! You never wiped out the Native Americans, enslaved the Africans or polluted the environment. Because you hit the reset button. You journeyed to some far-off planet whose inhabitants just happen to look like Native Americans with yellow … Continue reading

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Thank you, Zhidan Qui!

I’m flattered. I really am. Uncommon Defense has just got its first spam , and I am tickled pink. Someone actually registered on Trueslant just to sell Chinese knockoffs of Jimmy Choo handbags. The spam came from a site called … Continue reading

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District 9: Aliens versus mercenaries

My tongue-in-cheek combat analysis of District 9 for Wired’s Danger Room. I thought the movie was a pretty good combination of “Alien Nation” and “Cry the Beloved Country” without becoming too preachy. As a sci-fi action movie, it had the … Continue reading

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