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The last of the "Best and the Brightest"

The Vietnam War is the kind of history that makes you want to plunge your hands into the pages of a history book, grab a Johnson or a McNamara by the throat, and shout “WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING … Continue reading

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Cheap Journalism in Jerusalem

White college kids calling Obama a “nigger”. That’s the highlight of a controversial video buzzing around the blogosphere. The controversy isn’t over what the kids said, but where they said it. The video wasn’t shot in West Virginia, but in … Continue reading

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Why We're Grateful for Obama's 100 Days

Some Americans believe that Obama is doing too much. Others shout that he’s doing too little. I think Obama is doing his job. No more. No less. I will credit him, but I won’t praise him. A president should not … Continue reading

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