Gaza music video: "We conned the world"

[youtubevid id=”2KUcv452KbU”]An Israeli music video about the knife-wielding “peace activists” on the Gaza convoy. Okay, some of the singers aren’t great, and the guy with the Love Boat hat is painful to watch. But the line about the pro-Hamas propaganda campaign – “we’ll make Hamas look like Mother Theresa” – rings true.

Meanwhile, Israeli students are planning to send a convoy to aid  victims of Turkish genocide and persecution. The convoy will bring humanitarian aid to the Armenians – 1.5 million exterminated by the Turks in a forerunner of the Nazi Holocaust – as well as  the Kurds. “It’ll be a peace flotilla without the knives and stones that hurt IDF soldiers, without violence, which is intended for all those oppressed by the Turkish government,” said one of the organizers.

I can’t wait to see all the humanitarian groups, activists and politicians rushing to join a humanitarian mission to the Kurds, who have suffered for years at the hands of the Turkish military in their fight for an independent Kurdish state. I’m sure the same people who insisted on sailing to Gaza will insist on sailing to Cyprus, where Turkish troops occupied a third of the island, expelled hundreds of thousands of Greek Cypriots, and set up a puppet regime recognized by no one else in the world.

Because, after all, the international peace movement cares as much about Kurdistan, Darfur and North Korea as it does about Gaza, right?  I’ll look forward to the international Free Kurdistan movement.

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5 Responses to Gaza music video: "We conned the world"

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  3. Zach Hensel says:

    OK, I get the point, but neither Kurdistan nor Armenia are accessible by sea. These guys are going to have trouble fielding a suitable vessel. Furthermore, aiding Kurdistan makes some sense, although attempting to get aide to a separatist movement run by terrorists hits a little too close to home. And, while it doesn’t compare to denying genocide, implying that Armenia still requires humanitarian aide after a couple decades of brisk growth is a little insulting.

    • fairness says:

      Buddy! You either dum or have a brian damage!!!! Firt of all, Kurds are not terrorist, second of all, Turkey is the trrorist… They are not even from that region, they came from Mongolia when Changizr Khan invaited half of the world, and then they stayed there and we all know what they did to Armenia! Now there are over 30mil Kurds there whom were not allowed to even speak in thir native language and were killed and raped and….etc…Separatist!!! ???? What the hell is wrong with u??? That region belongs to Armenian and Kurds, not Mongolian imigrants!!!!!! Now even they r there, no problem, but Kurds want to have their own country, their own language and tradition and… like any other nationalities in the world, it is thier absulot right, and u have the nerve to lble them!!!!???!!!!! The dictator Turkey and the other 4 countries, are good.-.. And Armenia, they need an official appology and Barbarian Turks have to somehow make it up to them and Kurds!!!! U Turks are brain washed and gon too far!!!! You need to check ur brain if u have any!!! And Israel has every right to be there, since they have lived their for centuries, and a the same time to defend themselives from terrorists like Turky, Hamas, Iran Hezbolah, Syria..etc… So before you open ur mouth, research think, get all the fact then talk!!! If I came and took over ur home, and told u have no right, not even say ur identity and can’t speak, like Stupid dictotor and invator Turks do to Kurds, what would u do???!!!!!!!… You have no sense of right and right, how can u get the point????!!!!! If the point hits u in the face u wouldn’t get it!!!!! People like u make this world the way it is, and there are a lot of injustices…… Israel is 100% right so are Kurds and Armenians, and Turkey shouldn’t even exist! There has never been Turkey in that region…. I appolygize for any spilling misstakes, things like this make me so anoyed!

  4. rico says:

    Please watch Brutal Badge on youtube, in 6 parts, especially part 5…And recomend it to your freinds…. Thank you kindly! I was not allowed to publish this later which even had a respond from Pm. Gordon Brown of England, in any newspaper, or any other type of media, in so called democratic Sweden!!!!

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