Now it's 'Everybody Deny the Holocaust Day'

This is how you payback the unbelievers. Some Muslims, furious at the “Everybody Draw Muhammed Day”, are retaliating with an “Everybody Draw the Holocaust Day”.

Of course, what the author of this Facebook page really means is an Everybody Deny the Holocaust Day, which will teach the infidels not to draw Muhammed in a bear suit. His semi-coherent manifesto seems to be that if people have the right to draw the Prophet Muhammed, then they have the right to question the existence of the Holocaust.

He is correct. We can’t defend the right to satire a religious figure and yet bar the right to deny the Holocaust, as some European states do (frequently the ones who directly or indirectly supported the genocide). However, what is fascinating here is the moral equivalence. Outraged at the “insult” to his religion, this fundamentalist won’t strike back by drawing a cartoon of Jesus or mocking atheists. He’s going to do it by denying the Holocaust. Since in his mind, Jews control the world, then question the Holocaust and the Elders of Zion will pull a few levers to make the cartoons stop. Because this is exactly the kind of world that a fundamentalist understands and desires. A cleric decides what is sacred and what is profane, which cartoons are permitted and which are not. There is no dissent.

So here’s what I say. Go right on ahead. Every time someone draws Muhammed, write a Facebook post that claims that 6 million Jews were never killed, and that they have really spent the last 65 years hiding in Grandma Sadie’s basement. Every time someone satires Muhammed, wave banners proclaiming that the Nazi death camps were actually vacation resorts. See if anyone threatens to kill you. But also see if this stops the cartoons or enhances respect for Islam.

I despise Holocaust denial and Holocaust deniers. But if that’s the price that I must pay for the right to free speech, the right to satire, the right to speak our minds without fear of violence, then I can endure it.

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26 Responses to Now it's 'Everybody Deny the Holocaust Day'

  1. mozza says:

    Strange they are targeting Jews. Most of the angry Muslims who posted on the Facebook group’s photos wrote slurs to Christians and to Jews. The group’s admins and people posting drawings of Muhammad had to repeatedly point out they were anti-theist, atheist or agnostic and didn’t belong to any organized religion.

    Still the constant “F**K JESUS” and “JEW F**K” comments kept coming on threads with the really good drawings of Mo.

    Oh well. I think the angry Muslims who bothered to look at the Facebook page figured it was all upon the Jews. Which tells you exactly what you need to know about this new Facebook group.

    • theface says:

      No, what tells you all you need to know about this new Facebook group is the number of people who have actually joined it.

      And what tells you all you need to know about Michael Peck is that he was one of the less than thousand people who somehow found this group.

      • Michael Peck says:

        No, what’s more revealing is that the content of a Holocaust denial page doesn’t bother you. Just the fact that I found it.

      • He didn’t say it didn’t bother him. I think the implication is that you are looking for new ways to start trouble by blowing nonsense out of all proportion. Which is fine, and I applaud the effort, I like to sew dischord myself. But at least man up about it, don’t go around implying that 1000 internet trolls constitute ‘Everybody denying the Holocaust’. Or worse, slurring anyone who calls you on your BS as an anti-semite. That’s just rude.

        I also believe the current tendency of calling everyone you possibly can for any reason an anti-semite is only going to encourage anti-semitism. I think the reasoning goes soemthing like this “I made a simple observation and got called an anti-semite. Anti-anti-semites are name-calling a-holes!” When most anti-anti-semites are reasonable human being like everyone else.

        Still, getting fingered as a Nazi by a guy who openly excuses locking up millions of semetic people in a food and medecine deprived stretch of bombed out rubble while sending storm troopers after the aid workers trying to bring wheelchairs to this poor group of semites kind of makes one resentful of this brave anti-anti-semite.

        I personally would have gone with ‘Everybody draw Jesus having homosexual relations with Moses day’. Much easier to draw than the holocaust. Funnier too.

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  3. theface says:

    There are less than 1000 people in this group. Facebook has a userbase of tens of millions of Muslim users.

    How did you even FIND this? Did you go looking for it?

    That picture with the “FOLLOW ME” should instead read “IGNORE ME!”

  4. brianwood says:

    In the 21st century, it is morally wrong not to sneer at and mock all religions, all “faiths,” and the morons who defend them.

  5. duckphup says:

    OK… with these developments, it has suddenly become urgent that my diabolical plan for settling Islam’s hash get implemented right away… before it is too late.

    This conflict can be resolved… quickly… easily… economically… once and for all.

    The simple solution only requires that for one whole month, every newspaper in the free world devote one-half its front page… and every prime time TV news show devote the first 2 minutes of every broadcast… to offensive cartoons, ridiculing Allah (peace on him) and Mohammed (peace on him, too). By the end of that time, most of Islam will have self-destructed, in a paroxysm of snits, hissy-fits and terminal apoplexy.

    WARNING: This will not be pretty… but the world will be a much better place, afterward.

    My only regret in this is that I can’ think of a similarly uncomplicated, cost-effective and efficient stratagem for dismantling Christianity… but, oh well… one thing at a time. One only does what one can.

    • zarakkhan says:

      I find that extremely amusing. Someone should add that the 72 virgins bit isn’t true either. I would pay to see the the reaction of the radicals of my religion xD

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  8. jake brodsky says:

    You know what? Those who do this only prove what many critics of Radical Fundamentalist Islam have been saying for years: That they’re intolerant, ignorant, hateful, cult followers.

    It also helps for intelligence agencies to identify those who are potential subversive elements. Go ahead, boys and girls, show us what you really think!

  9. Omar Ali says:

    I think this is good. This is extremist Muslims demanding equal right to free speech, even if it is completely ridiculous, hateful and false. Good.
    Let a hundred weeds bloom, let a hundred schools or morons contend…..I am all in favor. Seriously.

  10. Omar Ali says:

    of morons, not or morons….

  11. northstar says:

    Actually mister Michael Peck, I wrote the same suggestion some time ago on The Young Turks channel. Well not to deny the holocaust but to respond with “draw a skinny Jew day”.

    I am not a Muslim, I dont follow any institutionalized religion and I am a blue-eyed Dutchman. My ancestors have lived here since forever. The Netherlands where you might remember filmmaker Van Gogh was brutally murdered while riding his bike.

    Then why was I proposing to direct a “counterattack” on the Jews most sacred cow, the holocaust? Because for the past 10 years, whenever there is strive between Muslims and westerners you will find either Jews starting it or Jews fanning the flames.

    The threat against South Park for instance came from a group of “Muslims” founded by Yousef al-Khattab. Sound like a real scary Arab terrorist name huh? Well his real name is Joseph Cohen and he is a Jew.

    We are sick and tired of this increasingly transparent game, playing Muslims against Westerners and vice versa. We all know the reason why, it’s for Israels sake. Well no more. I am one of a growing group of ordinary westerners who’ve had enough. So whenever Muslims or westerners are being pitted against eachother, we’ll make sure Jews are thrown in the mix as well. If that means offending you by not paying enough respect to your sacred symbols, well dont Jews pride themselves on having such a great sense of humor? Prove it.

    • Michael Peck says:

      Jews do have a great sense of humor. That’s why they find jackasses like you to be more funny than scary. So the conflict between Islam and the West is really a Jewish plot?

      Thank you for proving that blue-eyed Dutchmen can be ignorant and vicious as anyone else. I’m sure all the other creatures that live under rocks will be happy to have you join their ranks.

  12. northstar says:

    “So the conflict between Islam and the West is really a Jewish plot?”

    I did not write nor suggest this. By mentioning Van Gogh I was obviously acknowledging that there are real and serious problems.

    I was saying that this conflict is being exploited by Jews and by doing so making it worse. All we will do is make people aware of this so they will be able to see for themselves who the lead players are.

    Jackasses, ignorant, vicious, creatures that live under rocks, yes that does indeed sound like a man with humor.

    • Michael Peck says:

      You said that “for the past 10 years, whenever there is strive between Muslims and westerners you will find either Jews starting it or Jews fanning the flames.” Now you say you want the world to know “who the lead players” are in this conflict. It’s obvious that you mean the “lead players” are the Jews. But then again, some blue-eyed Dutchmen helped the Nazis round up Jews because Jews were the “lead players” who controlled the world.

      Sorry, I don’t much of a sense of humor about anti-Semitism. But anti-Semites do make me laugh.

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  14. zarakkhan says:

    To be completely honest, as a Muslim, I’ve always found the theory of their being some sort of “Zionist” conspiracy as ridiculous and how many Muslims use it as a cushion to fall back on just as stupefying.
    From my perspective, I’m more curious about the sort of environment many of the people drawing have grown up in than any sort of religious affiliation. Making light of the greatest Mass Murder in history, that isn’t right.

  15. truthbetold says:

    Apart from the fact that they changed the numbers of “deaths” in Ouchwitch from 4 million to a drastic dip of 1.5 million (Google it and see it for your own eyes… “Auschwitz Plaque”) yet never changed the “official” bullshit of 6 million Jews died…

    Apart from the fact that the “concentration camps” were visited… and given humanitarian supplies by the Red Cross (what kind of “killing machine” is given food supplies, medicine and humanitarian assistance from the Red Cross?? Holocaust?? what a joke.) -source: 3-volume Report of the International Committee of the Red Cross on its Activities during the Second World War, Geneva, 1948 – [“Parcels were sent to Dachau, Buchenwald, Sangerhausen, Sachsenhausen, Oranienburg, Flossenburg, Landsberg-am-Lech, Flöha, Ravensbrück, Hamburg-Neuengamme, Mauthausen, Theresienstadt, Auschwitz, Bergen-Belsen, to camps near Vienna and in Central and Southern Germany.” – Vol. III, p. 83]

    Apart from the fact that the Jewish populace, drew first blood against Hitler…
    (The Jewish Declaration of War on Nazi Germany
    The Economic Boycott of 1933 -source: March 24, 1933 issue of The Daily Express of London describes how Jewish leaders, in combination with powerful international Jewish financial interests, had launched a boycott of Germany for the express purpose of crippling her already precarious economy in the hope of bringing down the new Hitler regime.-)

    Apart from the fact that numerous “holocaust sources” and accounts have been shown to be complete FRAUDS…[Fragments: Memories of a Wartime Childhood, Binjamin Wilkomirski = FRAUD… Misha: A Memoire of the Holocasut Years = FRAUD….Herman Rosenblat’s Angel at the Fence = FRAUD….Rudolf Hoess = FRAUD…. Super famous super FRAUD = Anne Frank whose father may have collaborated with the Nazis, which is quite simply very believable since…]

    Worse of ALL… the deceptive Zionist Jews actually made a deal with Hitler in 1933 itself… Read all about it “The Transfer Agreement: The Untold Story of The Secret Pact Between Third Reich and Jewish Palestine”…[also noteworthy is the fact that in Palestine Jews only held 8% of the land… 92% belonged to Palestinians]

    Yes, Zionist Jews are unfortunately controlling the world, by proxy, idiots, morons allowed this to happen. Check out the Jewish lobby in Britain, Jewish lobby in USA (world’s biggest military and economic power under the thumb of the Zionists – were I or other strong minded individuals the leaders of these countries, Zionists wouldn’t get a single red cent. -also note – Israel gets free, on paper, $3 billion from Americans in complete violation of the Symington Amendment of the 1970’s – )

    Some jews are good, some jews are bad that’s a normal breakdown present in all communities, but all Zionist Jews are a stain upon humanity’s white sheet of kindness and compassion.

    • Michael Peck says:

      I’m not going to debate a Holocaust denier. I can’t reason with someone who believes that Anne Frank was a fraud, and that the death camps never existed.

      Instead I’ll simply quote the words of British judge Charles Gray regarding historian and Holocaust denier David Irving: “It is my conclusion that no objective, fair-minded historian would have serious cause to doubt that there were gas chambers at Auschwitz and that they were operated on a substantial scale to kill hundreds of thousands of Jews….The charges which I have found to be substantially true include the charges that Irving has for his own ideological reasons persistently and deliberately misrepresented and manipulated historical evidence; that for the same reasons he has portrayed Hitler in an unwarrantedly favourable light, principally in relation to his attitude towards and responsibility for the treatment of the Jews; that he is an active Holocaust denier; that he is anti-Semitic and racist and that he associates with right-wing extremists who promote neo-Nazism.”

      I suspect that Justice Gray would reach a similar conclusion about you.

      • truthbetold says:

        Of course you can’t debate… I’ve already stated the irrefutable facts and all you’ve got is a pathetic quote.

        That’s all you’ve got. One… lame… quote…

        In a pathetic attempt to sidestep and avoid the published facts I’ve already stated about the fraudulent nature of the hollow-cause.

        But since you love quotes so much and I can play pretty much any game and win especially when its against someone who loves and is attached to the fantasy of the hollow-cause…


        “In the end, BKA (Bundes Kriminal Amt) clearly determined that none of the diary handwriting matched known examples of Anne’s handwriting. The German magazine, Der Spiegel, published an account of this report alleging that (a) some editing postdated 1951; (b) an earlier expert had held that all the writing in the journal was by the same hand; and thus (c) the entire diary was a postwar fake.”


        Document 3311-PS, Polish Government Commission On German Crimes In Poland:

        “In LATE 1942 erection was completed of the first chambers in which massacres were to be performed by means of STEAM” … the bulk of the deaths occured towards the end of the war…


        “The Jews from Poland who, whilst in France, had obtained entrance permits to the United States were held to be American citizens by the German occupying authorities, who further agreed to recognize the validity of about three thousand passports issued to Jews by the consulates of South American countries” (Vol. I, p. 645 – International Committee of the Red Cross – Geneva, 1948).”

        Eat that for lunch Michael.

        I won’t mention that Jews were a puny minority of the multiple millions of those who died during the war do I…or…do I have to educate you in the form of another quote?

  16. mikailus says:

    As a Muslim person, I did my part for “Draw Muhammad Day”: I drew a cartoon picture of Richard Dawkins. I may admire the man and know that we’re an evolving species, but it’s far better than pathetic stick figures by people who can’t draw.

  17. I agree with the general message of the post, but I’m puzzled about what you could possibly have wanted to insinuate by that: “frequently the ones who directly or indirectly supported the genocide”? While correct, it’s not clear how it’s relevant.

    • Michael Peck says:

      It’s relevant because Europe’s Holocaust denial laws weren’t created because of moral outrage, but rather because of guilt (and perhaps embarrassment over how many ex-Nazis, Petainists and other collaborators prospered after the war). Much as I would like Holocaust denial to vanish, guilt is a poor reason to restrict free speech.

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