Lady Gaga's breasts won't bring Middle East peace

Are a pair of oversized breasts spurring young Muslims to become suicide bombers? Or is it Israeli settlements that are the culprit?

It’s a tempest in a bra (size 34A, according to a post on WikiAnswers), but some believe that is one piece of lingerie that costs American lives. The furor began when General David Petraeus allegedly said last month (he actually didn’t) that the Israel-Palestine conflict fueled anti-American sentiment and impeded our wars in the Middle East. Then last week, Wall Street Journal columnist Bret Stephens wrote that rather than Israeli settlements, it’s Western cultural icons like Lady Gaga that are spurring Muslim anger. The predictable counterattack has seen a flurry of articles that claim that the plight of the Palestinians is indeed the cause.

So do we blame Jerusalem apartments or trashy Western music videos for young Saudis strapping bombs to their stomachs? The answer is neither. As Andrew Exum points out, the Arab world has its own trashy music videos. And if there were genuine sympathy for the Palestinians, we would see young Arabs demanding that their governments grant refugees citizenship instead of penning them in refugee camps. It’s always interesting to see how sympathy disappears when the victim might take your job away.

The truth is that we may never know exactly what mixture of causes foment anti-Americanism. I’m more inclined to blame Muslim fundamentalism on repressive Muslim societies that can’t offer young people freedom or a job.

But what troubles me isn’t the causes, but what we’re supposed to do about them. Sure, if America withdrew from Afghanistan and Iraq, and Israel from the West Bank, then Al Qaeda would lose a couple of rallying cries. But then what? There are almost 50 nations that are avowedly Muslim or have Muslim majorities. Somewhere, sometime, there will always be a conflict involving Muslims, whether it’s Russia in Chechnya, India in Kashmir, or a Danish newspaper printing satirical cartoons of Mohammed. When those conflicts happen, the inevitable apologists will pop up to say that it’s our fault and we need to stop doing whatever evil things we’re doing

Wife-beaters will always tell the police that they were provoked. And perhaps their wives really were nagging them, but we still send them to jail because we know that a wife-beater has some deeper flaw or problem than a vocal spouse. I don’t accept that the thought of infidel combat boots on Muslim land, or a bare-midriffed singer on Youtube, will spur a Tunisian to travel 2,000 miles to suicide-bomb an American patrol. If the provocation isn’t Lady Gaga, it will be something else.

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4 Responses to Lady Gaga's breasts won't bring Middle East peace

  1. Eric Kugler says:

    Like all conflicts this can be traced back directly to class differences. The US has a lot, the poor deluded bombers very little. You will note that it is not the wealthy who end up blowing themselves up.

    The Israeli occupation of Palestine is a very good excuse for anti-American rhetoric as is decadence and immoral behavior. Ultimately the problem stems from the consolidation of wealth and the growth of the underclass. This same phenomenon is happening in our own country with the rise of the fundamentalist movements (from the Tea Parties to Zionism).

    If we spent 1/2 of the 500 billion dollars that we spent each year on the military, instead on infrastructure projects and hiring Afghans to not grow poppies and instead grow food for themselves, we’d see far better progress than trying to fight a class battle with guns.

    IN summary: Is the US wrong to support Israel, you bet, but not because it might make a few more terrorists. Is Lady Gaga to blame, no, but she is hot and makes awesome videos.

    • uavdeathbomb says:

      Dude the land Israel is building legal settlements on is land that is in the non- negotiable part of the west bank. The Arabs know this. And Israel has made many offers to them off land but the they want Jerusalem, and I will let you know that under Jordanian rule of the area from 1948-1967 it was not a good place. The Arab goal is the destruction of the land, of everything Jewish.

      Fact is this: Israel rightfully gained the land when ISRAEL WAS ATTACKED by Jordan and other countries. Much the same that we Here in the United States fought the British.

      But we also Captured land from Mexico, and the Indians, and the British, land that would now be Canada if we didnt take it.

      So this is also why countries hate us, because we are Hippocrates and try to run the world.

  2. Michael Peck says:

    Great Lenin’s Ghost! Where did this proletariat crap come from? Zionists are Tea Partiers? The original Zionists were lefties. It was Bin Laden who grew up with a silver spoon from Daddy Laden’s construction empire. Fundamentalist groups like Hamas tend to be middle-class (lots of doctors and lawyers who don’t mind chopping off heads and hands). Poor people don’t need rich people to kill each other. They can manage just fine themselves.

    Lady Gaga is not hot. Lady Gaga makes me gag.

    • uavdeathbomb says:

      Micheal you are right but many of these militant groups are funded through the Saudis and also through organizations claiming to be Islamic charities but really just find terrorism.

      This article, through use of this picture, proves one thing over all: Lady Gaga does not have a Johnson.
      (Thank G-d)

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