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Vietnam: The war that never ended

I was 12 years old in when the Vietnam War ended. Ask me for my memories of 1975, and I will describe a hazy montage of helicopters and mobs of terrified Asian faces. Today marks the 35th anniversary of the … Continue reading

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Panzer Fail: The Demise of the Main Battle Tank?

Tanks are the steel beasts of modern warfare. But is the beast becoming extinct in the U.S. military? One critic warns that the U.S. doesn’t even know how to use tanks anymore. Col. Gian Gentile laments in a Small Wars … Continue reading

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National 'Everybody Draw Mohammed' Day

A Seattle cartoonist  has declared May 20th as Everybody Draw Mohammed Day. Cartoonist Molly Norris is asking everyone to submit to Islam…I mean submit cartoons of any religious figure at all  to Citizens Against Citizens Against Humor (CACAH). Ms. Norris … Continue reading

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Did South Park surrender to Muslim death threats?

So the Prophet Muhammed didn’t appear in a bear suit after all? I didn’t catch last night’s South Park episode, but apparently the word “Prophet Muhammed” were bleeped out, and instead of Muhammed in a bear suit, viewers saw Santa … Continue reading

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Terrorists acquire ballistic missiles

Imagine Osama Bin Laden with with nuclear-capable missiles, and you have an idea of what the Israelis must like now. Hezbollah now has Scud missiles , courtesy of Syria, according to Israeli and Arab newspapers.  I haven’t seen any official … Continue reading

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How to start a nuclear war in one hour

Napoleon told his generals that he could grant them anything except more time. Time is everything, in terrorism as well as war. The constant message of shows like “24” is that there always a ticking bomb, a ticking clock and … Continue reading

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When did it become legal to assassinate Americans?

For the first time, a U.S. citizen is being targeted for assassination as a terrorist. The Washington Post reports that Anwar al-Awlaqi, the New Mexico-born cleric living in Yemen, has been placed on a target list that makes him fair … Continue reading

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