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No more Burger King for U.S. troops

No more Burger King, Subway or ice cream shops. If American soldiers in Afghanistan want all the comforts of home, then they had better wait until they get home. “This is a warzone – not an amusement park,” wrote Command … Continue reading

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Blame Bin Laden, not Israel

Are American soldiers dying because those damned Israelis won’t make peace with the Palestinians? “The conflict foments anti-American sentiment, due to a perception of U.S. favoritism for Israel,” General Petraeus said in a report to the Senate committee last week. … Continue reading

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Health care passed because progressives shut up

I knew something had been missing from the health care screaming match the last few weeks. Then I realized what it was, kind of like the roar your neighbor’s annoying lawnmower on a Sunday afternoon, that you stop hearing until … Continue reading

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Stalin, Nixon bode well for Obamacare

Democrats can’t win for losing. With Congress likely to pass health care reform, now Democratic lawmakers worry that legislative victory will be a Pyrrhic victory that will cost them dearly in November. Washington Post analysts are already warning that Democrats … Continue reading

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Gay soldiers responsible for Serbian slaughter

Dutch soldiers diddling each other was the reason that 8,000 Bosnian men and boys were massacred by Serbian soldiers. Such is the professional judgment of retired Marine Corps general John Sheehan, who appeared before the Senate Armed Services Committee to … Continue reading

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Cola revelation: Sugar tastes better than corn syrup

I’ve always wondered why soda doesn’t taste as good as it did when I was a kid. Today’s soft drinks seem too sweet and yet too bitter. Now I know why. When my non-Jewish friends heard that Passover was coming … Continue reading

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Why is there no Jewish Tolkien?

Do Jews write science-fiction, while Christians write fantasy?  Why are Jews so well-represented in science-fiction (Asimov, Ellison, Brin, Turtledove), but not in fantasy, where the luminaries include Christians such as Tolkien, Rowling and C.S. Lewis? In a fascinating essay in … Continue reading

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