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Fort Hood killer was Muslim Army psychiatrist

Authorities have identified the Fort Hood killer as Major Nidal Malik Hasan, an Army psychiatrist (and apparently a convert to Islam). Two other soldiers that were arrested on the scene have been released, so it may have been a case … Continue reading

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Terrorists determined to attack U.S. military bases

It’s too early to say who was responsible for the attack at Fort Hood. But the fact that the Army is reporting multiple shooters indicates an organized group. Before we automatically blame Al Qaeda, it’s important to remember that the … Continue reading

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75% of American kids too fat to join the Army?

Well, the actual figure is 27 percent of Americans are too overweight to join the military, but that’s just a detail. Whether the reason is too much fat, too little education, or a criminal record, 75 percent of American kids … Continue reading

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Calm down, Democrats: Who cares about N.J. and Va.?

The election results are in and the handwringing has begun. “Yes  we can” had become “maybe we can’t” as Democrats ponder the loss of the New Jersey and Virginia governorships. So permit me an observation. Nothing profound. Just the thoughts … Continue reading

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