Farrakhan says Fort Hood shooter was provoked

Blame it on the Jews, George Bush, and all the other persecutors of innocent American Muslims. They’re the ones who provoked poor Nidal Malik Hassan into murdering 13 people at Fort Hood, says Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan.

In an interview on  Al-Jazeera television, Farrakhan declared that Hasan was provoked by an anti-Muslim campaign waged Jews and Christians, as well as the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Give Farrakhan his due. Like many a racist demagogue, he’s relentlessly consistent about blaming his imagined enemies. If the Jews could fabricate the Holocaust, then there is no end to their villainy, including driving poor Major Hasan into committing mass murder. I’m surprised that Farrakhan didn’t claim that Hasan could have been saved by wearing a tinfoil helmet (an authentic Muslim one, of course).

Farrakhan is almost a joke. He is so yesterday’s hatred. But the irony is that he proves that fanatics have more in common with each other than the rest of us. Farrakhan believes that Islam was the issue that drove Hasan over the edge, which is exactly what anti-Muslims claim. By Farrakhan’s logic, Muslim-American soldiers cannot be expected to participate in wars against fellow Muslims. So they shouldn’t be allowed to serve in Iraq, which of course means that the U.S. military would have to treat Muslim soldiers differently, which would give Farrakhan ammunition to claim discrimination.

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