Fort Hood killer was Muslim Army psychiatrist

Authorities have identified the Fort Hood killer as Major Nidal Malik Hasan, an Army psychiatrist (and apparently a convert to Islam). Two other soldiers that were arrested on the scene have been released, so it may have been a case of a lone gunman rather than an organized terror plot.

If so, the attack sounds similar to that of Sergeant Asan Akbar, the 101st Airborne trooper and AfricanAmerican convert to Islam who killed or wounded 16 American soldiers when he threw a grenade into a tent at a base in Iraq.   Akbar may have been motivated by resentment of perceived mistreatment by fellow soldiers, and by the U.S. invasion of Iraq.

Hasan was shot dead, so we may never know exactly why he killed his fellow soldiers, or why a man who was supposed to be a healer of sick minds himself became a sick killer. Regardless of whether Hasan was motivated by Islamic fervor or some purely personal demon, but this incident won’t make life any easier for Muslim soldiers in a U.S. military that has become increasingly Christian fundamentalist.

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6 Responses to Fort Hood killer was Muslim Army psychiatrist

  1. libtree09 says:

    Yeah I agree, Muslims in the military are in for some bad times unfortunate because we really need them to show another face of America. Interesting you brought up the rise of Christian fundamentalism in the military, it is a huge problem that no one wants to touch in our current political climate but to me it is quite alarming and justifies Muslim’s claims of a crusade. Have you heard of soldiers handing out bibles in Arabic?

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  3. fukinjooz says:

    Nah,he is jewish,just like those two collumbine punks.Leave it to jews to smear the truth.

    • Michael Peck says:

      Thank you for the anti-Semitic slur, Fukinjooz. By the way, do you pronounce your name as “Fucking Jews” or “Fucking Juice”? Remember, alcohol and meth are an unhealthy combination.

      Anyway, those with more than your third-grade education would know that Nidal Malik Hasan is not a common Jewish name.

  4. layla says:

    Michael and libtree, with respect…Christian fundamentalists handing out bibles does not exactly equate to Muslims executing fellow soldiers. The Muslims in Afghanistan are in no danger from those bibles and are free to dump them in the nearest trash can (Christians will not riot if they do), or to read them and disagree (Christians will not accuse them of hate speech and try to get the UN to pass a resolution to stop criticism of their religion), or even (gasp!) to read them, agree, and convert to Christianity. Oh, wait a minute, that is dangerous. Muslims in Afghanistan who apostasize are subject to the death penalty.

    Christian fundamentalists are frequently annoying and sometimes cross boundaries. But I don’t recall any Christian soldiers mowing down their fellow soldiers in protest when we attacked that Christian nation, Serbia, to defend Muslims. There is a strong sense of loyalty to the Muslim community (ummah) that simply does not exist in modern-day Christianity, and we ignore this fact at our peril.

    Finally, please, no more tired canards about Timothy McVeigh being a “fundamentalist Christian.” That is simply untrue. Not sure why so many repeat it. He is a lapsed Catholic who said the universe was guided by natural law, energized by some universal higher power that showed each person right from wrong if they paid attention to what was going on inside them and, “Science is my religion.” (Source: American Terrorist, by Lou Michel and Dan Herbeck.)

    • libtree09 says:


      We were speaking of the possible repercussions to muslims in the military because of this senseless attack not in any way equating the two. If I gave that impression my apologies. If the motive for this attack is attributed to any slight on the man’s religion it is hopelessly misguided and is, as we suggested, counterproductive to the religion as a whole.

      As to handing out Bibles in Iraq it is not the muslims that are in danger from this practice but the Christian’s fellow soldiers. Remember this is not a military strategy, the United States is not in Iraq to convert Muslims to do so reinforces bin Laden’s claim of a religious crusade.

      Bush went a long way in separating the war on terrorists from a war on Muslims.

      It is also against military regulations and any action that inflames the locals is dangerous and potentially deadly. As you have noted this is a group that will kill over cartoons so why push the issue?

      Secondly the military is sworn to allegiance to our constitution not to proselytizing for one religious group over others. We are a country that accepts all religions, many of our first settlers fled from religious fundamentalism.

      Lastly, the military should not in anyway be an instrument of religion conversion. In the past chaplains were chosen in accordance with the percentage of various religions in the military. So the makeup of religious belief reflected the makeup of belief in the country. Under Reagan this was changed in favor of Evangelism who are into the business of conversion.
      Muslims share the same view and want to spread their religion by any means unrestrained by the views of the Prince of Peace. I don’t think it is a good mix and both take great offence at anyone questioning this godly duty.

      I live among many faiths and support their right to worship in their places of worship. I take no insult from someone trying to save my soul, that is our culture not theirs.

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