Thank you, Zhidan Qui!

I’m flattered. I really am. Uncommon Defense has just got its first spam , and I am tickled pink. Someone actually registered on Trueslant just to sell Chinese knockoffs of Jimmy Choo handbags.

The spam came from a site called  I don’t know much about them, except that you’re supposed to send the money to someone in China named Zhidan Qiu. I haven’t met Mr. Qiu, but he clearly must be an astute businessman to appreciate the vast marketing potential offered by the sophisticated readership of Uncommon Defense. Readers courageous enough to ignore the hype of the American consumer-industrial complex, and savvy enough to buy from a business that only has an e-mail address.

Thank you again, Mr. Qui, for choosing Uncommon Defense among all other sites to market your fine products. I see that you are looking for business partners. It so happens that my recently departed uncle was chief financial officer in the Zambian Ministry of Purple Yams. He left me the sum of US$3 million on the condition that I find a reliable partner in China to help me invest it. Can you help?

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