District 9: Aliens versus mercenaries

3564168336_67e59dab63My tongue-in-cheek combat analysis of District 9 for Wired’s Danger Room. I thought the movie was a pretty good combination of “Alien Nation” and “Cry the Beloved Country” without becoming too preachy.

As a sci-fi action movie, it had the usual cliches, including lots of ordnance flying about without the hero getting hurt, as well as humans who instinctively know how to operate alien battle armor. The mercenaries from Blackwater Multi National United were the usual skin-headed, over-the-top villains. Setting the movie in South Africa meant the mercs could speak with a Nazi Afrikaner accent. As one commenter on Danger Room pointed out, if the aliens like cat food, why didn’t we give them cat-food flavored MREs?

Sony has a Multi National United training simulation on its Web site. Couldn’t get it to work, though.

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1 Response to District 9: Aliens versus mercenaries

  1. rockyinlaw says:

    I really enjoyed that movie, though (being just an old girl) for reasons that are not nearly as … well, complicated, as yours. Nevertheless, IMO saying that the movie is a good combo of Alien Nation and Cry the Beloved Country is right on target, emphasis on “good.”

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