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Thank you, Zhidan Qui!

I’m flattered. I really am. Uncommon Defense has just got its first spam , and I am tickled pink. Someone actually registered on Trueslant just to sell Chinese knockoffs of Jimmy Choo handbags. The spam came from a site called … Continue reading

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Why are Yale murder victims more important?

One word keeps popping up in the Annie Le murder headlines. The word is “Yale”.  “Lab worker arrested in Yale student’s killing” blared CNN’s headline this morning. “Yale Murder: Crime of Passion? ” asked Even Britain Guardian’s newspaper proclaimed … Continue reading

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District 9: Aliens versus mercenaries

My tongue-in-cheek combat analysis of District 9 for Wired’s Danger Room. I thought the movie was a pretty good combination of “Alien Nation” and “Cry the Beloved Country” without becoming too preachy. As a sci-fi action movie, it had the … Continue reading

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Progressives: All bark, no bite

Here is Peck’s Rule of Making Threats: Don’t make them. Either do what you’re going to do, assuming you’re able to do it. Or, shut up. There are a lot of threats coming from progressives lately. Obama and the Democratic … Continue reading

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Why are their Afghans better than our Afghans?

A common lament during the Vietnam War was , “Why are their Vietnamese better than our Vietnamese?” American soldiers had more respect for the skilled, disciplined and motivated Viet Cong than they did for their lazy, corrupt South Vietnamese allies. … Continue reading

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Remembering the "Good War"

Today marks the 70th anniversary of World War II. Technically, it only marks the German invasion of Poland; Britain and France did not declare war until September 3, 1939. But that would be quibbling to the Poles who were dive-bombed, … Continue reading

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