Bin Laden's son dead?

NPR reports241164340_3954a99998 that Osama Bin Laden’s son was killed by a Predator strike. Saad Bin Laden was allegedly killed by a Hellfire missile sometime this year.

I’d drink the chanpagne with a grain of salt. We don’t have a body, so there’s no way to perform DNA tests to confirm Saad Bin Laden’s death. The information is almost certainly coming from indirect means, such as human sources, Pakistani intelligence, or intercepted phone conversations. U.S. intelligence agencies are “80 to 85 certain” that Bin Laden’s son is dead, which given the record of U.S. intelligence on Terrorist Family Bin Laden, doesn’t exactly fill me with confidence.

Either way, it’s not a great victory. Saad Bin Laden belonged to Al Qaeda, but only as a minor player. I don’t particularly upset with his demise, but being one of Bin Laden’s 24 children was probably a punishment in itself.

The old man is still around, though I still wonder if he’s really dead and Al Qaeda is pulling the wool over our eyes. Not like they’ve ever done that before, huh?

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