Fawlty Towers reunion

If only it was a new episode! Alas, it’s just a cast reunion on British TV.

John Cleese did have an idea for a Fawlty Towers movie that never got off the ground.

What I thought would be really funny was Basil and Sybil get on a plane to go to visit Manuel who perhaps has set up his own place,” he said.

“Basil would be terribly funny if the plane was hijacked. He would become so furious, I thought he would overcome the hijacker and be a total hero. Then of course they would have to bring the plane back to Heathrow which would make him even more angry and he would then hijack the plane and force the pilot to fly to Spain and be arrested on arrival and spend the entire holiday in a Spanish jail.”

Two lines forever etched in my mind: “He’s from Barcelona” and “Don’t mention the war”.

Via Fawlty Towers reunion: John Cleese criticises state of today’s television | Media | guardian.co.uk.

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1 Response to Fawlty Towers reunion

  1. thorgolucky says:

    I love Mr. Cleese’s movie plot idea!

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