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The Rapist and the Pentagon

If you’re a female soldier in the U.S. military, you have a greater chance of being raped by a fellow soldier than being killed by the enemy. The furor over expelling gays from the military has drowned out the far … Continue reading

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Would you take the money and run?

This New Zealand couple did not hesitate. When a bank mistakenly deposited NZ$10 million into their account, they grabbed $NZ3 million and fled the country. Now they have Interpol on their trail. In their shoes, would you take the money … Continue reading

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Government runs nation's only legal pot garden

I knew too many guys in high school who would have loved a job at this place. The U.S. government runs the nation’s only legalized pot farm and production (!) facility at the Univ. of Mississippi. Since 1968, the National … Continue reading

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Israel warns citizens to beware Facebook spy requests

Terrorists have turned Facebook into a recruiting tool, warns Israel’s Shin Bet security service. “The Shin Bet has gotten many reports about cases where terrorist elements are using the Internet to get in touch with Israelis with proposals to enlist … Continue reading

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Trekkies are Insane!

I’ve always been a big Star Trek fan. But I never understood what “get a life” meant until I saw the hate mail from my look at warfare in the new Star Trek movie. I’ll share some of the more … Continue reading

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Captain Kirk Goes to War

Help! The Trekkies have put out a fatwa on me!  Yesterday I posted a tongue-in-cheek analysis of weapons and tactics of the new Star Trek movie on Wired’s Danger Room. Now I’m afraid to go outside.  I’ll get jumped by … Continue reading

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Ban Holocaust Deniers from Facebook?

The Internet may be fertile for bloggers, but it’s also fertilizer for hate groups. Neo-Nazis and anti-Semites can  connect with fellow lunatics around the world in a global hatefest. CNN now reports that a Dallas attorney – the brother of … Continue reading

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