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Farrakhan denies Holocaust again

He can’t help himself.  It’s compulsive with him. But Louis Farrakhan complains that there can’t be “constructive argument” over how many victims died in the Holocaust. You can guess the rest of his March 1st speech in Chicago. Israel controls … Continue reading

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A Second Great Depression?

A feel-good piece in the Wall Street Journal that says a second Great Depression wouldn’t be so bad, ’cause we wouldn’t starve and we only would have to give up our Ipods and lattes. What economists don’t get is that … Continue reading

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Pakistan celebrates great "victory" over terror

There’s jubilation in Pakistan, after terrorists attacked a Lahore police academy After storming the academy, Pakistani troops (who were backed by helicopters and probably outnumbered the terrorists 50 to 1) waved their guns in the air in celebration. Hate to … Continue reading

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Financial meltdown is my fault!

I’m white. I’m blue-eyed. Of course, by President Lula’s logic, white, blue-eyed people also tend to have democratic government. While dark-skinned, brown-eyed people are associated with dictators who wear funny hats. Isn’t logic wonderful? Lula is right that the financial … Continue reading

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Lethal Text Messages

Beware of text messages that start with + and end with 111. It will kill you. At least that’s the latest rumor sweeping Egypt, where a man allegedly died after receiving a text message. This joins a crockpot brimming with … Continue reading

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Danger: Global Vampire Overpopulation

Punk Rock Operations Research tackles a worrisome question: Why aren’t vampires taking over the Earth?  If they’re immortal, and they reproduce by biting their prey, then their food supply (us) should be dwindling while the vampire population soars. Vampires might … Continue reading

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Africa finds no savior in China

Well, well, well. It seemed like a perfect partnership of the crooked. On the one hand, corrupt African dictatorships tired of the West hassling them about human rights and environmentalism. On the other, a Chinese dictatorship that just wants to … Continue reading

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